The Purpose

Of all things to acquire in this world knowledge proceeds all. A smart man collects gold and a wise man collects experiences. For this reason exactly, I believe it is essential for people to share their experiences, their mistakes and any tips and tricks they have learnt along their journey.

The purpose ultimately for me is to create a platform where people can share their knowledge and I can share the moderate amount I have acquired over the years.

There is ultimately nothing in this world aside from human connection and communication and yet there is so little focus given to these areas, within the primary education system there is an immense focus on grades and getting top marks, but this cultivates a society of individuals who prosper behind books, yet cannot hold a conversation with a potential employer or interviewer.

So together let us inspire one another to greatness. Share knowledge, share opportunities and ideas and delve deep into practical knowledge about life, the world and the people inhabiting it.